SWIHELP Dog Car Seat | Your Pet’s Ultimate Travel Companion! of 2023

Upgrade Your Pet’s Travel Safety with SWIHELP Dog Car Seat! This Portable Pet Booster Car Seat ensures your furry friend’s security with a Clip-On Safety Leash and sturdy PVC Support Pipe. Say goodbye to collapsing seats and travel stress, specially designed for Small Pets. Shop now for a safer, more enjoyable journey!

SWIHELP Dog Car Seat

Introduction on SWIHELP Dog Car Seat

In a world where safety and comfort are paramount, meet the SWIHELP Dog Car Seat – the perfect solution for pet owners on the go. Whether you’re running errands, embarking on a road trip, or simply taking a short drive, ensuring your furry friend’s security and well-being is a top priority.

This Portable SWIHELP Dog Car Seat is thoughtfully designed to provide the ultimate peace of mind for both you and your beloved small pet. Equipped with a convenient Clip-On Safety Leash and a robust PVC Support Pipe, this car seat goes above and beyond to create a secure and comfortable environment for your furry companion.

Say goodbye to worries about collapsing seats or restless pets during car rides. SWIHELP’s innovative Anti-Collapse design ensures stability and durability, making every journey a smooth and stress-free experience.

Whether you have a tiny pup or a small furry friend, SWIHELP Dog Car Seat is tailor-made to meet their unique needs. It’s the perfect travel companion for your small pet, offering safety, convenience, and peace of mind that will enhance your adventures together.

Discover the SWIHELP Dog Car Seat difference and elevate your pet’s travel experience to a whole new level. Welcome to a world of safe, enjoyable, and worry-free journeys with your beloved companion.

SWIHELP Dog Car Seat Reviews

I own a Jeep, Subaru, and a minivan, and this compact SWIHELP Dog Car Seat fits perfectly in all of my vehicles! Taking my dog for a ride, he adored his new seat! Securing it to my seats is a breeze with the adjustable straps. Plus, it comes with a clip for his collar, ensuring he stays safely in his seat, while still having room to move around.

I have peace of mind, knowing he’s securely seated with his toys and blankets. He can even enjoy the view out the window! I wholeheartedly recommend this product SWIHELP Dog Car Seat to all pet owners, whether you have dogs or cats. My Coco Bean had a fantastic time, and I hope your furry friend does too!

Product Specifications: SWIHELP Dog Car Seat

SWIHELP Dog Car Seat product specifications

  • Color : Paw pattern
  • Material : Nylon
  • Brand : SWIHELP
  • Item Dimensions : LxWxH 15.75 x 13.38 x 17.32 inches
  • Maximum Weight : Recommendation 6 Kilograms
  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 15.75 x 13.38 x 17.32 inches; 2.14 Pounds
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ 01CZB-JY
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ March 9, 2019
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ SWIHELP
  • Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ China
  • Customer Reviews : 4.2

By feature

  • Easy to assemble : 4.7
  • Easy to install : 4.4
  • Comfort : 3.7
  • Durability : 3.7
  • Value for money : 3.6
  • Sturdiness : 3.4

SWIHELP Dog Car Seat Features

SWIHELP Dog Car Seat Features

I. Introducing our Small SWIHELP Dog Car Seat:

  • A perfect travel solution for dogs, cats, and other pets weighing less than 6kg. This dog car seat is designed to provide safety and comfort on the road, allowing you to bring your furry companion with you wherever you go.

II. Sturdy Support and Fall Prevention:

  • SWIHELP Dog Car Seat features a robust PVC frame that maintains its shape at all times. You won’t have to worry about a 14lb puppy crawling over the front bar and causing the frame to collapse. This ensures your pet’s safety and keeps your attention focused on the road, enhancing overall road safety.

III. Concentration on Driving:

  • The SWIHELP Dog Car Seat is thoughtfully designed with two safety belts that secure the booster seat in place, preventing it from sliding around during the drive. This design ensures that your pet won’t disturb you while you’re behind the wheel. Adjustable straps make it compatible with most cars, vehicles, and SUVs. Additionally, there’s a convenient ring to attach your dog’s harness, preventing them from jumping out of the seat.

IV. Durable Waterproof Construction:

  • SWIHELP Dog Car Seat is crafted from high-quality waterproof materials, including 600D Oxford fabric, nylon belts, antirust D-rings, and PVC mesh netting. The breathable mesh design allows your pets to breathe smoothly while ensuring strength and durability.

V. Easy Assembly and Foldable Design:

  • Cleaning is a breeze with the detachable board, making maintenance hassle-free. When not in use, simply fold it down like a board for convenient storage. The waterproof materials make cleaning a breeze and rest assured, it won’t alter the shape of the car seat after cleaning.

Experience hassle-free, safe, and comfortable travel with your pet using this Small SWIHELP Dog Car Seat. It’s a must-have accessory for pet owners on the move.

Pros and Cons of SWIHELP Dog Car Seat


I. Enhanced Pet Safety:

II. Sturdy Construction:

  • The sturdy PVC frame ensures the seat maintains its shape, even with active pets, reducing the risk of collapsing.

III. Prevents Sliding:

  • Two safety belts keep the booster seat securely in place, preventing it from shifting or sliding while driving.

IV. Easy to Clean:

  • The detachable board and waterproof materials make cleaning effortless, ensuring your pet’s seat remains hygienic.

V. Breathable Mesh:

VI. Adjustable Straps:

  • The adjustable straps make it compatible with a wide range of cars, vehicles, and SUVs, providing versatility for different pet owners.



I. Weight Limit:

  • This product is specifically designed for small pets weighing less than 6kg. It may not be suitable for larger pets.

II. Limited Compatibility:

  • While the adjustable straps make it versatile, they may not fit all car models or seat configurations, so compatibility should be checked before purchase.

III. Installation Required:

  • Some assembly is needed to set up the product initially, which might require additional effort and time.

IV. Not Suitable for All Pets:

  • Some pets may not feel comfortable or may not easily adapt to being restrained in a booster seat, and it may take time for them to get used to it.

V. May Restrict Movement:

  • While the product provides safety, it limits your pet’s movement in the car, which may be an adjustment for some pets that are used to having more space.

VI. Additional Harness Needed:

  • For optimal safety, you may need to use a harness in conjunction with the seat, which could be an added expense.



The SWIHELP Dog Car Seat Puppy Portable Pet Booster Car Seat offers several advantages for pet owners seeking to ensure the safety and comfort of their small furry companions during car journeys. With its sturdy construction, fall prevention features, and secure attachment system, it provides a valuable solution for pet owners looking to minimize distractions while driving and protect their pets.

The ease of cleaning, thanks to the detachable board and waterproof materials, adds to its convenience. The breathable mesh design also ensures that pets can enjoy proper ventilation during their ride.

However, it’s essential to consider the product’s limitations, such as its weight limit and compatibility with specific car models. Some pets may require time to adjust to being restrained in a booster seat, and additional accessories like harnesses may be necessary for optimal safety.

Overall, the SWIHELP Dog Car Seat offers a practical and reliable solution for small pet owners, enhancing both the safety and enjoyment of car journeys for both pets and their owners. As with any product, it’s important to assess its suitability for your specific pet and vehicle before making a purchase.


Please note that prices and ratings are subject to change. Always verify the latest details on Amazon before making a purchase.


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