Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed | Cuddly Comfort and Cozy Warmth In Winter of 2023

Keep your furry friend cozy and comfortable with the Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed 35-inch in Grey. This plush and heated pet bed provides warmth and relaxation for your dog, ensuring a good night’s sleep and a happy, contented pet. Shop now for the perfect rest spot for your beloved canine companion!


Introducing the Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed for Dogs, 35-inch, in a stylish Grey color! This pet bed is designed with your canine companion’s comfort and well-being in mind. With its generous 35-inch size, it offers ample space for your furry friend to stretch out and relax.

Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed

What sets this Heated Pet Bed apart is its built-in heating element, which provides a gentle and soothing warmth. This feature is especially beneficial for pets during colder seasons or for those who simply enjoy the added coziness. The soft, plush material ensures your dog will feel pampered while resting or sleeping.

Whether your dog is a small breed or a larger one, the 35-inch size accommodates a wide range of pet sizes. Plus, the Grey color adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Treat your beloved pet to the ultimate in comfort and warmth with the Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed. It’s not just a bed; it’s a cozy retreat your dog will love.


Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed Reviews

Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed Reviews

My one-year-old Pomeranian mix puppy absolutely adores his new Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed. Normally, he shares my bed with me, but due to my ongoing recovery from two major joint replacement surgeries, I’m temporarily using a hospital bed. This situation led to my furry friend frequently trying to sleep on my legs, which, given my new joints, became rather uncomfortable.

In my quest to find a solution that allows him to be close without compromising my comfort, I discovered this Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed. It fits perfectly at the foot of my bed, nestled between the deep mattress pad and the footboard of the bed frame.

Not only does it provide my legs with some much-needed relief, but it also offers my puppy a cozy retreat surrounded by sherpa-like sides that make him feel safe and snug, almost like being cradled in a mother’s arms. In fact, as I write this, he’s peacefully slumbering away in his new Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed, enjoying a well-deserved rest.

As for durability, I can’t provide a verdict just yet, but the Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed appears well-crafted and sturdy enough to withstand the playful antics of a growing puppy. I’ll be sure to provide an update on its durability once we’ve had it for a while.


Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed: Product Specifications

Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed Product Specifications

  • Brand : Amazon Basics
  • Material : Faux sherpa fleece; Supple corduroy
  • Product Dimensions : 35″L x 11″W x 27″Th
  • Target Species : Dog
  • Color : Grey
  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 35 x 11 x 27 inches; 5.3 Pounds
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ DF2018204L
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ September 26, 2018
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Amazon Basics
  • Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ China
  • Customer Reviews : 4.6

By feature

  • Softness : 4.6
  • Durability : 4.4
  • Comfort : 4.3
  • Value for money : 4.3
  • Easy to clean : 4.1


Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed Features

Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed Features

Indulge your furry friends with this luxurious self-warming Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed designed for dogs and cats. Crafted using advanced technology similar to self-warming mylar ‘space blankets,’ it efficiently captures and reflects your pet’s body heat, ensuring their coziness.

The Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed’s surface is adorned with faux sherpa fleece and soft corduroy for ultimate comfort. What’s more, it operates without the need for electricity, offering both warmth and peace of mind. And when it needs a refresh, simply spot clean it to maintain its pristine appearance.


Pros and Cons of Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed


I. Warmth and Comfort:

  • The built-in heating element provides a cozy and comfortable spot for your pet to rest, especially during colder seasons.

II. Generous Size:

  • With a 35-inch size, it accommodates a wide range of dog breeds and sizes, ensuring ample space for your pet to relax.

III. Plush Material:

IV. Flexible Sides:

  • The flexible sides help shield your pet from drafts and conform to the interior of your pet’s space, enhancing comfort and security.

V. Easy to Clean:

  • The bed is relatively easy to clean, ensuring hygiene for your pet.

VI. No Electricity Required:

  • The self-heating feature works without the need for electricity, making it energy-efficient and safe.



I. Durability Uncertainty:

  • Some users may want to assess the long-term durability of the product to ensure it withstands the rigors of pet use.

II. Preference Variability:

  • While many pets may love the bed, individual preferences can vary, and some pets may not immediately take to it.

III. Size Limitation:

  • For very large dogs, a 35-inch bed may not provide enough room, so it may not be suitable for all breeds.

IV. Color Limitation:

  • The grey color may not match all home decor styles or preferences.


Overall, the Amazon Basics Heated Pet Bed for Dogs, 35-Inch, Grey offers several benefits, including warmth, comfort, and flexibility, with some potential considerations regarding size and color preferences.



Please note that prices and ratings are subject to change. Always verify the latest details on Amazon before making a purchase.

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